How To Find Your Style For Prom

When looking for the prom dress you will wear for your final high school year, you will come across an infinite number of options in the market. Finding a cool dress for your prom night should not be a daunting task. Nonetheless, not all offers you see around depict top prom dress styles. To find unique styles that will blend with your personality and give you the distinction you seek requires careful insights and tips. Although most products will be promoted as the top prom dress styles, a brief inspection of various aspects such as reputation, experience, quality guarantees and value should separate genuine offers from the rest. Fortunately, it does not take much effort to discover the top styles trending in 2017. Here is a short list of some top styles you can consider for your 2017 prom night:

  • Fstyle 123ashion minimalistic stretch jersey – This is one of the popular designs worn by many iconic figures including actresses, singers and elite wives. The fashion-forward minimalistic stretch jersey features a chocker neckline and a bold cutout just above the waistline. It also supports a nude illusion yoke and has a race back with exposed metallic zipper. The sleek mermaid stretch skirt ends compliment what is indeed an accentuated prom dress perfect for taller ladies. It comes in various colors including black, yellow, red and white, all ending in a pooling train. The three piece (chocker neck, top and skirt) dress exposes just enough to make you feel comfortable and sophisticated.
  • Embroidered red carpet design – If you have watched the red carpet events, then you probably already know that most designs you witness there also make it as automatic selections for a prom night. This style is not in any way new and has been worn by some popular figures in the society. It is a single piece dress that features plush embroidery on off the shoulder and also has pearl enhancements. Nude illusion compliments a rich tulle skirt in its fullness. It is one of the top prom dress styles and comes in red, ivory, royal and blush colors. This style is ideally the best for those who want to look conservative, yet still revealing.
  • The mermaid design – Structured mermaids have been around since vintage times and are some of the top selections for a prom night. A typical mermaid design features encrusted halter tops that may contain beads, peals or crystals or a mixture of all the three. It also includes a stunningly sleek racer back top and a fitted skit. The streamlining integrated into the skirt and its voluminous train should be enough encouragement to any prom. Mermaid prom dress comes in different colors and patterns including blush, light blue, red and navy among others. They are perfect for any slim trim and those who want to give the illusion of looking taller.
  • Halter column prom design – This is yet another amazing single-piece prom dress design that makes it into the top four styles in the 2017 market. It was also part of the best styles in 2016, yet still looks stunning as it requires minimal accessorizing. Like other halter top designs, it features an open pack to give sheer tulle illusion and stunning crystal beads that run down the length of this red-carpet worthy dress. It is finished with a train and a high slit. You can get your halter column in black, blush, fuchsia, royal, mint and sky blue finishes all nude.

There are several other top prom dress styles you will find and the list is probably inexhaustible. It is important to note that a top design will not necessarily look fantastic on your body.

When looking for a prom dress, your aim should be to find a style that compliments not only your body, but also the type of person you are. It is still advisable to keep with the current trend and purchase a modern-end dress instead of wearing the same old design your parents used. Nonetheless, the choice will always be preferential and some classical designs are still very attractive, and can be the distinction you need to stand out on your prom night. Consider all the other aspects including price, stitching, quality, material used, delivery frameworks, guarantees and possibility of overreach. Some styles have been trending for half a decade and still look as fabulous as the latest cuts in the market. Such are the designs you should go for since prom dresses can also be designed to blend into some formal occasions.